Holy trinity chronicles

After several years of silence, we are bringing back the Chronicles. Several people have requested and expressed an interest in knowing more about the daily activities of HTM. So, here are some of the activities of HTM outside of the daily routine.  


Jan 2
Mary Thompson joined our staff as the part time office manager.  

Jan 3
Many of our faithful winter RVers are returning this week. While Hal, Dennis and Pat, and Judy F. were here during the holidays this week as brought, Steve and Sandy, Charlie and Anne, Harvey and Mary Jo, Joe M. back “home.” Scott and Sue have come and gone twice since the festival. They will be visiting again shortly before they head for Hawaii.

Jan 5
Our monthly Oblate meeting was held this month, with 20 in attendance. The focus of the meeting was on individual and group spiritual growth.  

Jan 6
University of Arizona Newman Center student leadership group came for a 3-day retreat.  

Fr. Ray celebrated Mass for 42 of us today.  

Jan 7
Fr. John Paul Forte, OP, celebrated Mass for us today.  

Brice and Jodie Johnson arrived for a 6-week volunteer program. Brice will be working in the bakery and Jody will be working in the library.  

Jan 8
Fr. Emmanuel Tayor, OP, celebrated Mass for us today  

Jan 13
Fr. Ray celebrated Mass for 43 of us today.  

Jan 14
Br. Gary, Steve Flatgard and crew began cleaning the sewer pond today. With the rented heavy-duty earth moving equipment for the project and having extra time they were able to remove the burnout novitiate building as well as Bob Rothman’s house.

Jan 17
HTM had a 3-day estate sale with the excess furniture from Bob Rothman’s house as well as other items that were no longer needed at HTM.

Jan 19
House of Prayer retreat group came for a 5-day retreat with 20 in attendance.     

Jan 25       
New Spirit Lutheran Church leadership council had a 3-day retreat.  

Jan 27  
Mass was celebrated by Fr. Pavol Gabor, SJ, with 43 in attendance.

Jan 28
The Kino Boarder Initiative staff of 10 is here for a 3-day retreat.  

Jim (“Buck”) and Quigley Buckley, old time winter volunteers came for a 2-day visit.  

Jan 31
Mark Hendricks of Minneapolis began a 3-month volunteer program today.