Holy trinity chronicles

After several years of silence, we are bringing back the Chronicles. Several people have requested and expressed an interest in knowing more about the daily activities of HTM. So, here are some of the activities of HTM outside of the daily routine.  


Feb 1
Joe and Judy Schumannnn, previous winter Hoboís from years ago for many years, came for a monthís visit.  

Feb 3
Fr. Ray Palcisko celebrated Mass for 44 of us today.  

The Rvers sponsored a Super Bowl party at St. Timothy which was planned and coordinated by Dennis and Pat Domagala.  

Feb 8
Women to Women had 30 ladies for their 3-day retreat.  

Feb 10
Fr. Ray Palcisko celebrated Mass for 54 of us today.  

Feb 12
Today Federico arrived to begin his new mission at HTM as administrator. Arriving with him for a brief stay was his supervisor Francisco and friend Luige.   

Feb 15
St Davidís womenís group came with 24 reteatants for a 3-day retreat  

Feb 17
Fr. Chris Corbally, SJ, of the Vatican Conservatory celebrated Mass with 66 in attendance.  

The annual appreciation dinner for Holy Trinity volunteers was held with 80 people in attendance. Besides people from the local area of St David and Benson we had people from Sierra Vista, Rio Rico, Green Valley, Tucson, Marana, Vale, Phoenix, Belen, NM; Auga Prieta, Mexico as well as other areas.

Feb 18
A group of 18 parishioners with their parish priest, from MN who are on a mission, stopped by Holy Trinity for Mass, as they did last year, on their way to Agua Prieta to volunteer in an orphanage.  

Feb 19
Today Francisco and Luige left for Italy. Federico now on his own.  

Feb 21
Federico met with a small group, including residents and winter visitors, to share his ideas and get feedback about the library and fence along the roadway.  

Feb 22
Reinvocation began on the library by valuating and purging books not needed from the shelves, installing a window, developing a classroom area, redoing the office and restroom etc. The fence along St Maryís Way was taken down which will be replaced with a rail fence.  

Also, the SAA group from the East Valley came with 59 people for a 3-day retreat.

Feb 24
Msgr. Bob Pearson celebrated Mass for 66 people today.  

Feb 25
Fr. Matthew Shireman from Minnesota came for a private 5-day retreat and gladly celebrated daily Mass for community.