Holy trinity chronicles

Sep 1
Failed to mention earlier the last week in August that Br. Chris Thurman, OSB, transferred to Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey, Pecos, NM, and Mary McCarthy moved to Lyon, KN to be near her relatives. Also we had a new 3-month volunteer arrive, Liam Kimbro.

Sep 6
Matt Talbot Lodge #128 had their semiannual 3-day retreat. Sixteen were in attendance.

Sep 7
Oblate meeting was facilitated by Judy Mikeal on St Augustine. Eighteen were in attendance.

Sep 12
Carol Kline had here left shoulder replaced. She reports that she is doing well in recovery.

Rick Henly stopped by for two weeks on his way to Yuma. As a member of Skip RV Park he is staying in their facility in Benson and volunteering daily at HTM.

Sep 13
Intergroup SAA group met for a 3-day retreat with 24 in attendance.

Sep 18
Our faithful and loyal bakers from Sierra Vista, Ann Lee and Judy Tritz, came today, after a short sabbatical, to bake Benedictine bread and pecan pies and tarts. The have been our primary bread bakers for a number of years. They are looking for help and/or substitutes. 

Sep 20
Oasis at the Ranch church had a 3-day retreat with 24 in attendance.

Sep 24
Jan Krieski had her knee replaced.  Nearly a week later she reported that she is doing well and in physical therapy.

Betty Callís was laid rest in our oblate cemetery after her funeral presided by Fr Greg Adolf. Starting from the early days of HTM and for many years, she was a very active and delightful supporter.  

Sep 26
Yoga Connections had a 4-day retreat with about 20 members in attendance.