Holy trinity chronicles

After several years of silence, we are bringing back the Chronicles. Several people have requested and expressed an interest in knowing more about the daily activities of HTM. So, here are some of the activities of HTM outside of the daily routine.  


Dec 1
Monthly meeting of HTM friends and supporters (Oblates). This month Elizabeth Constantian facilitated the meeting with the strong help of Mary Pat Lansing and Kay Bircher. The focus of the meeting was on church music which included some history, chants, and hymns.  

Dec 2
Fr. Ray Palcisko, who spends the winter in Naco, AZ, celebrated Mass today.  

Dec 7|
The community attended Mass this evening for the celebration of the Immaculate Conception in Tombstone.  

Dec 9 
Fr. Ray Palcisko celebrated Mass today with 34 in attendance.

Dec 10.
Today Br. Gary and his crew began the pecan harvest shaking the trees.  

Fr. Alejandro, a priest from Spain who heard of HTM, came for a brief visit with his interpreter, Victor, and requested a tour. 

Dec 16
Fr. Ray Palcisko celebrated Mass today with 33 in attendance.  

Dec 23
Fr. Ray Palcisko celebrated Mass for 36 of us today.
Cristal H, from Wichita, Kansas, came for a two-week visit.  

Dec 24
The residential community and the RVer celebrated Christmas Eve after Vespers in the dining room with secret Santa and dinner.

Dec 25
Fr. Ray Palcisko celebrated Mass for 42 of us today.  

Dec 27
Antonio Preiti and his family, from Rome, came for a 4-day visit while visiting the USA. They spent some time at HTM and southern Arizona between visiting Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  

Dec 30
Fr. Ray Palcisko celebrated Mass for 49 of us today.  

Dec 31
Andrea, a friend of Federico, his wife and 3 children, wife’s parents and a friend, Loranzo, from Denver visited us today. They joined the community in midday prayers and lunch.

The community (residential, guests and RVers) celebrated New Year’s Eve at midnight London/Rome time which was 5:00 PM HTM time.