Holy trinity chronicles

After several years of silence, we are bringing back the Chronicles. Several people have requested and expressed an interest in knowing more about the daily activities of HTM. So, here are some of the activities of HTM outside of the daily routine.  


Oct 5
Journey Companions had a small group for a 3-day retreat. They usually visit us twice a year.

Oct 6
There was a monthly meeting of Holy Trinity Friends and Associates (previous Oblates) today with Kay Butcher facilitating. The topic was Creation Theology.  

Oct 7
Fr, Chris Corbally, SJ, of the Vatican Conservatory celebrated Mass with 33 in attendance.  

Oct 8
Mary Ann and Bill visited Guadalupe School in Agua Prieta, Senora, Mexico which is operated by the Passionist Sister.   

Oct 12
Sierra Vista Lay Carmelites of 23 had a 3-day retreat. Fr. Rob Neske celebrated Mass for the retreatants and community Saturday.

Journey Companion Ministries of 9 had a 3-day retreat lead by John Cepin.  

Oct 14
Fr. Ray Palcisko, a retired priest from Minnesota, who winters in Naco, AZ celebrated Mass for the community. Fifty-five were in attendance.  

Oct 15
Jan Krieski began her leave of absence. Mary Jo and Patty will oversee and operate the monastery bookstore as Bill will substitute in the guest office.  

Oct 16
A group of 8 volunteers met in St. Timothyís to clean pecans this morning and hope to meet several times a week to prepare for festival needs.            

Oct 17
Charles Accord from KY came for a 7-day private retreat.  

Oct 18
Craig Lund from San Diego came for a 4-day private retreat.  

East Valley Menís Retreat group of 23 came for a 3-day retreat. Deacon Tim assisted their retreat leader with a healing service Saturday evening.  

Oases Marriage Ministries of 10 has a 3-day retreat lead by Pastor David Gainey.  

Oct 20
Hal Loomis arrived today from Montana for his 6 months stay. We are always happy to welcome his arrival as he contributes so much to the community, from cooking, building, laying tile, as well as installing various items from sheetrock to ice machines.

Oct 21
Fr John Emanuel celebrated Mass with 32 in attendance.  

Oct 22
Dick and Dee Weese arrived from Colorado asking if we had a work list for them to help prepare for the festival.  

Oct 25
A festival meeting was held today to wrap up loose ends and plan for the work day next Saturday.  

Today two individual RVers came to spend some time in the RV park and each have volunteered to help us, a physician and a plumber.  

Oct 26
Overeater Anonymous had 60 overnighters and 10 people for the day for a 2-day retreat.  

Thankfully, Kathleen Vito and Mary Kotnour came for the weekend to help with the retreat.  

Oct 27
Dave Wiese and friend began installing the base of the new fountain in the church yard. Others from the RV park also assisted. During the past week Paul and his son Joey, from Vail, came a couple of times this month to  help Tim with some maintenance projects.

Oct 28
Fr. Jean-Baptiste, SJ, from the Vatican Observatory celebrated Mass for 39 of us today.  

Debbie and Jerry Sherer arrived from Montana for the 3-month volunteer program.  

Oct 30
Thelma Meyer and Joe Moreno arrived today to assist at the festival.