Holy trinity chronicles

After several years of silence, we are bringing back the Chronicles. Several people have requested and expressed an interest in knowing more about the daily activities of HTM. So, here are some of the activities of HTM outside of the daily routine.  


Sr. Jeanne Hill a member of the community since the early 1990ís went to her eternal reward at about 8:30 PM on Thursday, August 27.

August 2
Our faithful monastery bakers, Ann and Judy, from Our Lady of the Mountain parish in Sierra Vista came today to replenish our bread supply.  

August 3
Sr. Rosemary, a Medical Mission Sister who has been working in Douglas for many years, came for a week-long retreat before retirement and return to her mother house in Philadelphia.

August 7
Mary Ann, Kathleen and Bill traveled to Oregon to visit Doug and Sherry Wasko as well as Bermah Martin.

August 13
The St. Thomas More Newman Centerís leadership team of 12 came for a 3-day retreat.

Ken Siarkiewicz began his annual week-long retreat. He also assisted in helping with the group retreats that were here during his stay.  

August 16
Lutheran Social Service staff of 27 came for a 3-day retreat.  

August 21
Rachel Galindo began coordinating the mailing for the festival raffle tickets with the help of Heather, Patty, Judy, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Ron, Carol, Betty, Mary Jo, as well as others. This project will take about 8-10 mornings.

August 23
The Shiloh Christian Ministries came on retreat with 28 members.

Paul Flannery and his son Joey came to volunteer for 2 days, helping repair a leak in the library.  

August 25
The RUHS choir from Rincon High School with 32 came for a 2-day retreat and gave a brief performance for the community.

Sr. Araceli came from Durango, Mexico for a 3-day visit.

Kino Border Initiative staff of 10 came for a 3-day retreat.  

August 29
Peggy Fenn, with the help of Jan, harvested prickly pear cactus fruit to make some prickly pear cactus jelly. Peggy was here earlier this month helping in the bakery.  

August 30
Our faithful bakers, Ann and Judy, were back again to supply us with the Monkís bread as well as banana bread.

Throughout the month there have been a number of individual private retreats that are not mentioned.