Holy trinity chronicles

After several years of silence, we are bringing back the Chronicles. Several people have requested and expressed an interest in knowing more about the daily activities of HTM. So, here are some of the activities of HTM outside of the daily routine.  


July 2
Dick Weese and son-in-law came for a 1-day visit to pick up their 5th wheel.

July 4
Independence Day, we had a BBQ (indoors) with our satellite friends near Holy Trinity.  

July 11
Feast of St. Benedict, we had a small special celebration.

July 12
Fr. Mark-Ephrem Nolan, OSB, Olivetan Definitor, arrived today for a week visitation.  

July 13
Dom Andrea Santus, OSB, Olivetan Definitor, from Mont Oliveto, Italy arrived with three representatives from Communion and Liberation Lay Apostolate: Francisco (Florence Italy), Federico (Venice, Italy) and Alfonzo (Florence, Italy). Antonio (Rome, Italy) joined us the following day. All came for a 6-day visit.

July 16
Mary Kotnour came to work with Jan and others at HTM for 3 days helping in the Cloister, Church and walks around dining room and Fr. Louis Hall. Her help is always appreciated. 

July 19
Sr. Jeanne Hill’s nephew, Ken, arrived for a 3-day visit to assist her in planning for her future.

July 20
The advisory Committee had a serious discussion concerning the benefits of the fall festival during their meeting. It was decided to have the festival and begin preparing.  

July 24
Tim and Jan Krieski began their 10-day holiday today.

July 28
Oblate meeting today which was facilitated by Judy Mikeal. She presented a video “Pivotal Players.” The video depicted some of Michelangelo’s art and sculpture works presented by Bishop Barron.   

After the meeting we had special luncheon for some of the oblates, local volunteers, and friends of Holy Trinity.